First Appointment

At Your First Appointment

Our staff will welcome you and you will be asked to complete a patient information form.

Length of Appointment Time

Your initial appointment will take approximately 45 minutes, thereafter appointments will usually take 30 minutes. Occasionally, depending on your condition, your Chartered Physiotherapist will suggest that a longer treatment /appointment time is necessary. To make the most of your Physiotherapy assessment and treatment time please try to arrive slightly ahead of your scheduled appointment.


Wearing appropriate clothing is very helpful. For example, if we are treating your neck or shoulder then wear a vest, so we can see your neck, and so you can move more freely.

Please bring your shorts for the treatment of back pain or hip, knee, thigh, or calf injuries. It may be helpful to bring your running shoes and orthotics if the problem is related to running/ exercise.

Assessment and Treatment

Our Chartered Physiotherapist will take a comprehensive history about your problem.  A past medical history and details of current medication will also be included.

We will then fully examine the problem area. The effect of your condition on the whole of your body will also be assessed. We will maintain your modesty and dignity at all times. Your consent for assessment and treatment will be required.

The assessment involves a series of movements and tests by the Physiotherapist.  A clear diagnosis or analysis of the problem will always be given. It is our view is that you should know as much about your problem as necessary.

We will then explain our treatment plan and what you can do yourself to help your condition.

Your first session will usually involve assessment and treatment unless your condition is particularly complicated and we may need to spend longer than usual on the examination.  At the following appointments  you will be reassessed to ensure the Physiotherapy intervention is tailored to your condition.

Payment For Treatment

Payment for treatment is required at the end of each session, you can pay by cash, cheque, or credit/debit card.